Tim Shallice was trained as a mathematician. Since then, he has worked from a research perspective on the organisation of the cognitive system. His main interests are in the different levels control of the system, its information-processing structure, and the particular computational mechanisms by which individual subsystems operate.

From an empirical perspective he has carried out single-case and group studies on the cognitive impairments of neurological patients from a cognitive neuropsychological perspective, and also carried out functional imaging studies and behavioural and phenomenological ones on normal subjects. He has worked on problem-solving, episodic, short-term and semantic memory, reading, writing, naming and spatial processing and their disorders. He has collaborated extensively on computational models, both connectionist and symbolic, of a variety of processes.




1992 - President’s Award (British Psychological Society).

1992 - Awarded Doctor Honoris Causa, Universite Libre de Bruxelles.

1996 - Elected Fellow of the Royal Society.

1996 - Elected Fellow of the Academia Europaea.

1998 - Elected Fellow of the Academia of Medical Sciences.

1998 - Awarded Honorary Doctorate of Science, London Guildhall University.

2000 - Awarded Aizenberg Prize by the Rotman Research Institute, Toronto.

2000 - Initial American Psychological Society International Fellow.

2004 - Elected Honorary Member, Experimental Psychology Society.

2004 - Association Lecturer, 21st Attention and Performance Association Conference.

2005 - Awarded, Honorary Doctorate of Science, Trinity College Dublin.

2010 - Elected Fellow of the University College London.

2011 - Sir Frederick Barlett Lecturer, Experimental Psychology Society.

2011 - Jonckheere Memorial Lecturer, University College London.

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